Semi Truck Accidents

The rules of the road are different for semi truck drivers and truck companies. Why? Because the stakes are much higher for other drivers on the road when a semi truck weighs roughly 40 times more than a passenger vehicle. Due to this size difference, when a semi and passenger vehicle impact one another, the results for people in the passenger vehicle are often fatal or highly catastrophic.

On top of that, in North Dakota and Minnesota, we have to deal with hazardous road conditions most of the year. These conditions lead to even higher stakes for all drivers when semis stay on the road, or drive too fast for the conditions. In hazardous conditions, semi truck drivers by law are required to exercise “extreme caution”. On top of the law related to extreme caution, there are many industry standards and legal guidelines for how drivers and companies are to operate safely in hazardous conditions.

Because the rules are different, it’s important you have an attorney who understands the trucking rules, and doesn’t treat your crash like a typical car on car crash. Our team knows those rules, so we understand how to hold the truck driver/truck company responsible for their failures. Please visit our truck crash blog articles to read more about specific rules that may apply to a crash involving you or a family member/loved one.

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