Our adoption attorneys in Fargo are here to help you with the many types of adoption options and explain the differences between the wide varieties of programs associated therewith. There are identified, special-needs, international, same-sex, relative, and step-parent adoptions to name a few. Although our office is in Fargo, we serve clients all throughout North Dakota. Having accurate information is ideal when choosing the best option available for your situation.

At SW&L Attorneys, we will make sure your adoption is legally secure and handled with professionalism. We are here to answer further questions you might have about the entire process.

For The Birth Parents

For birth parents, many choose to work with agencies. Even though adoption agencies guide birth parents through the process, it is still necessary to have a lawyer involved to make sure the adoption is legally sound and to finalize everything. When working with SW&L, you receive legal advice and honest answers to your questions throughout the entire process.

As a birth parent during the adoption process, we can answer many of the following questions:

  • Do the birth parents choose the adoptive couple?
  • What happens if the grandparents oppose the option?
  • How does adoption work when the birth parent is a minor?
  • Will the birth parent have to go to court to sign placement papers?
  • Once the papers are signed, can a birth parent change her mind?
  • Will the birth mother be able to see the baby in the hospital and/or visit?
  • Are the birth father and grandparents allowed to see the baby before adoption?
  • Can a birth parent name the baby? Can the adoptive parents change the name?
  • Can the birth parent keep a picture of the baby?
  • How long does the placement take after the child is born?
  • Who pays for the birth parent’s medical costs?
  • What should birth parents know when working with a private North Dakota agency?

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We can assist you with any type of plan you choose among other legal family situations. We have worked with birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive mothers, and adoptive fathers throughout North Dakota to work towards a legally binding and complete adoption. Some adoptions may come with complications; however, we are here to help you through that process. Call our adoption lawyers in Fargo today at 701-297-2890.

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