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Business Law is a term used to describe a wide range of legal fields related to business, including formation & organization, corporate governance, buying and selling of goods and services, mergers and acquisitions, employment agreements, and winding up and dissolution. No matter the size of your company, you may run into business legal issues. From general business structure methods to contract negotiation and employee management, we know what it takes to be covered from a business legal perspective in North Dakota.

If you want to start, manage, transfer, or exit a business, you may benefit from hiring a business attorney who works with many different industries and professional fields. The experience and diverse business law backgrounds of our attorneys allow our firm to consult and guide our clients in all aspects of forming, operating, purchasing, and selling businesses.

As an established business law firm in Fargo, SW&L Attorneys works to develop trusting, long-term relationships with our business clients. We strive to provide the guidance they need to achieve profitability and efficient operations.

We represent professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and private companies in a variety of business industries throughout North Dakota. Many of the cases we represent clients across the state with include:

Formation & Organization

People who own and operate a business often already understand a corporation, limited liability, or some type of partnership will provide more protection than a sole proprietorship or a general partnership. Clients more often need help deciding which business form suits them best and how to manage the corporate affairs. At SW&L Attorneys, we recommend the business entity type and help form, organize, and keep records updated to reduce an owner’s risk of liability.

Buying & Selling of Goods & Services

A contract is more than just the purchase price. We will draft and review contracts to help clients manage risk in the buying and selling of goods and services in North Dakota.

Mergers & Acquisition

The purchase and sale of businesses can be a complex process. Initial discussions may need to be kept quiet through a non-disclosure agreement. A letter of intent may or memorandum of understanding be negotiated and signed. The form of the purchase needs to be discussed and agreed upon. Due diligence must be completed. Financing may have to be arranged, and documents securing payment may be drafted. The closing needs to be arranged and conducted.

We help buyers and sellers negotiate, draft, and revise legal instruments controlling the transaction & also assist clients with the ongoing issues and closings of the deal. Read more about mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

Buy/Sell Agreements

A Buy/Sell Agreement is an agreement among owners controlling the succession of ownership. In the context of a limited liability company, they may include in a document called a “Member Control Agreement.” In a Corporation, the agreement regarding succession may be included in a document called a “Shareholder Control Agreement” or a “Shareholder Agreement.” In the context of a partnership, it is usually included in the “Partnership Agreement.” Whatever the name or the form, business owners often want to regulate ownership and voting rights, control management of the company, and plan for the resolution of future disputes among owners. Our lawyers advise clients and help negotiate these types of agreements, including oral contracts.

Contract Drafting/Review

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to prevent you from encountering ambiguities in your contracts. Knowing how indefinite terms in a contract can be the cause for conflict or litigation, We will diligently define the terms important to you so that you avoid future issues. Our attorneys work with business contracts, property licensing agreements, end-user license agreements, shareholder & partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, operating agreements, employment contracts, commercial leases, vendor or supplier contracts, equipment leases, arbitration disputes & more. There may also be situations for an individual where SW&L can assist with personal contractual situations. It’s always best to protect your interests through contract advice from an attorney. Our law firm can assist with reviewing employment or severance agreements, real estate or sales contracts, & sales or purchases of valuable property. Every situation is different and every contract is different.

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