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Our real estate attorneys can assist with real estate law problems like disputes with homeowner’s associations or noise from neighbors, recording issues involving deeds, mortgages, and many other issues like tax liens & seizures, landlord-tenant law, land use & development, real estate development, real property tax, commercial real estate transactions, commercial leases, land use & zoning, evictions, construction defects, foreclosures, title issues, Realtor liability, liability on real property, creditor disputes, covenants, easements, buy/sell agreements, commercial or residential leases, fair housing laws, eminent domain, condemnation, foreclosures & short sales, loan modifications, condo laws, title issues, quitclaim deeds, purchasing a home, selling a home & more.

We represent people throughout North Dakota. Many of the cases we assist with include:

Purchase Agreements

A purchase agreement is a document that controls the purchase and sale of real estate. Many things go into a purchase agreement besides price and the closing date, including warranties and representations about the condition of the property, title review, conditions to closing, and cost/expense allocation. At SW&L Attorneys, we help buyers and sellers negotiate and draft purchase agreements in North Dakota.

Title Examinations/Title Opinions

If you are purchasing property, you want to know whether any liens or encumbrances have been attached to the property. Our attorneys help clients find out the condition of title to real property by performing title examinations.


The development of real property can be a complex process. We can help developers navigate the planning and zoning legal issues.

Borrower’s Counsel Opinion/Enforceability

In the context of financing transactions, lenders often require an opinion as to the enforceability of the transaction documents the borrower intends to execute. For commercial transactions using North Dakota or Minnesota real estate (including minerals) as security for the payment on the loan, an opinion is usually needed from the borrower’s counsel as to the enforceability of the mortgage. Our lawyers render Borrower’s counsel opinions and provide whatever local assistance is needed to close the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

At SW&L, we work to provide innovative, effective & consistent counsel to purchasers, borrowers, sellers & lenders of commercial property. We often deal with a variety of commercial transactions, finance or lending issues with commercial property, real estate taxation & property tax litigation as well as general financing and loan transactions.

Residential Real Estate

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home? Are you concerned about the details of your real estate contract? Hiring SW&L Attorneys will give you a fair explanation and evaluation of the contract and help you avoid pitfalls of which you may be unaware. Certain provisions are sometimes unforeseen with residential real estate contracts and our lawyers will make sure everything is clear and easy to understand before you sign.

Mortgage or Loan Financing

It is immensely important to know exactly what you are agreeing to pay when you sign a mortgage agreement. The laws and regulations surrounding mortgage financing can be exceedingly complex if not they are not approached with the help of a qualified attorney. We will review any legal documents or paperwork pertaining to your mortgage to ensure that you know the exact terms of your borrowing agreement.

New Construction

Our attorneys provide lenders, developers, contractors, property owners, realtors, title insurers, sureties, owners’ associations, and property managers with guidance concerning the development and construction of a commercial property, townhomes/condominiums, residential subdivisions, and other real estate development projects.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

SW&L is not currently accepting new engagements with residential tenants who are in dispute with their landlords. Please contact another firm for assistance.

At Severson, Wogsland & Liebl, P.C., we also create solutions for landlords and tenants. We successfully bring tenants comfort while renting as well as assure the profit and equity of landlords who are working hard to run successful businesses.

Common tenant situations we advise include eviction attempts against you not included in the lease or are against the law, a landlord who repeatedly enters your home unannounced, properties that are deteriorating or have become uninhabitable and unresponsive or unwilling landlords.

Common landlord situations we advise include unpaid rent, insufficient security deposits to cover the cost of repairs upon move-out, suspicious illegal activities within a rental property, and general breach of lease agreement situations.


A foreclosure occurs when a bank, mortgage company, or other financial institution forces the sale of a home or property as a result of the owner failing to make payments per the loan agreement. If you think you may default on your mortgage and fear that you may lose your property through foreclosure, we can help you determine what other options are available to you, including filing for bankruptcy. Our lawyers can also represent you in a foreclosure proceeding to make certain your interests and rights are protected.

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