Witness After Car Accident In North Dakota

Why It’s Important For Witnesses To Crashes To Leave Their Information

September 13, 2018

In car crash cases, both parties often say that 2 or 3 witnesses to the crash stopped but didn’t leave their information. When a claim or lawsuit is filed, the case turns into a battle between two drivers pointing fingers at each other. While each party will have an opinion on what happened, the truth can be difficult to decipher. Having independent witnesses with no stake in the outcome assists in getting to the truth.

My Inspiration To Write This Article

In a recent case, an important part of the reason the parties were able to reach an amicable resolution is that a witness did leave his information. After I met with the witness, I commented that I appreciated that he had stuck around and left his information. That witness said the reason he did so, is because his spouse had been previously involved in a crash, and after a claim for property damages was initiated, the other party changed their story. Luckily, there were independent witnesses available to give accounts of what really happened, which allowed the parties to resolve everything outside of court. The witness I spoke with told me that incident is why he and his spouse preach to others the importance of providing contact information after witnessing an accident.

What To Do

If you witness a crash, stick around and give the police your name, number, and a detailed description of what you saw. If the police were not called, give your name, phone number and a written note (or email) explaining what you saw, to the party you feel was not at fault.


I understand why people are hesitant; they might not want to get involved or have concerns that it will cause a hassle in their life. The opposite is actually true. Witnesses help to resolve issues early, and their assistance may only require a limited intrusion on the person’s life. Before I was a trial attorney, I would have been hesitant, but now I understand the importance. If you ever see a crash, think “What would I want someone else to do if that were my spouse, child, or friend”?


I hope this blog might help someone make the decision to stick around next time they witness a crash. If you are someone who has done so already or does in the future, thank you!

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