Burn Injuries in North Dakota

Burn injuries happen in a number of different ways including house fires, defective products, riding motorcycle, at work, by an explosion, equipment malfunction, chemicals or even smoke inhalation. At SW&L Attorneys in Fargo, Nathan Severson can help you or a loved one who may have been burnt in an accident.

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If a fire occurs in a workplace, home, eating establishment or any other type of public place, the owner of that particular property or someone negligent in creating the fire could be held liable. If a toddler is burned while at daycare or a child is injured while at school, that particular party could be responsible. If a car starts on fire unexpectedly while you are in the vehicle causing a burn injury, we may take a look at the automobile manufacturer to determine fault. If you are burned while a passenger in an automobile that is involved in an accident involving carelessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your extreme pain and suffering, doctor bills and lost wages. These are just a few scenarios of which we are here to help if your situation sounds similar. Nathan is ready to handle many burn injury claims from a variety of scenarios including:


Construction workers, contractors, general laborers and commercial truck drivers who work with flammable materials or transport the same type of materials are at risk for burn injury. If equipment is not maintained or work is performed in areas that are not well ventilated, accidents can occur. In addition, summer time in North Dakota is peak season for roofing companies. Roofers face risks from the hot tar and shingling. These are just some of the construction related burn injury cases that Nathan can help you with.


Severe burn injuries can result from gas explosions where the victim is trapped inside of a building, structure or piece of equipment. This type of accident does happen in our very own homes, at work or commercially via work sites. Common causes of explosions causing burn injuries are defective fuel lines, exploding fuel tanks, gas line explosions, live electrical wires, improperly marked electrical wiring, exploding cleaning products and welding equipment. 

Scalding Injuries

Hot liquids can cause life threatening burn injuries and are one of the leading causes of burn injuries in children today. These injuries are often caused by immediate and accidental contact with scalding liquids in our very own homes. However, scalding injuries can happen to adults as well. Scalding frequently occurs during routine water usage in homes, apartments, hotels and motels. Many people don’t think of these situations as potentially happening to them, but sudden water temp change due to malfunction in thermostats, water heaters, pressure valves and other equipment do happen causing scalding injury.

Automobile Accidents

Every vehicle responds differently to a high impact collision. We like to think that the safety features of every automobile will protect us from injury, but unfortunately many auto accidents do occur each year in North Dakota that result in a vehicle catching fire, which only increases the risk for a burn injury. Other causes of burn injuries that are automobile related include fuel tanks leaking or exploding, faulty wiring, leaking fluid from the exhaust, trash or waste ignites, flammable liquid spills, cigarette lighter accidents or electrical malfunction.

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